Ps3 jailbreak OFW 4.83 Pexploit tool tutorial

Ps3 jailbreak OFW 4.70 Pexploit tutorial
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Ps3 jailbreak OFW 4.83 Pexploit tool tutorial

Video credits to Tay Tech Now YouTube channel

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    Ps3 jailbreak OFW 4.83 Pexploit tool tutorial

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    1. +How to "Playstation"

      Do you think there would be a way, To Jailbreak a Ps3 Through the backup? Or Sign pkg files, So they run??

      as they dont run unless you have a CFW so, How would you Sign a pkg…say Multiman, To OFW so it runs?

    2. please can you help me new to this I have a PS3 CECH4008C with 4.67 , can i jailbreak or what can i do to play downloaded games , please reply

    3. is this really real i live in tha USA it seem too ..well unlogical if that tha case i cans cod black ops 1dlc offline on a split screen at home can you show more detail on this programm or what OFW i Should be on for it to work

    4. hello , thanks for you video i know it was from long time, i did every thing in the video but after i restore the backup in my ps3 fat and restart i found nothing , can't find the game that i installed it from pkg , is there something i am missing or need put the pkg file in the usb or what ?

    5. can you please send me the link of the pkg file which you have used in the video….it will be great help for me if you do…..Thank you in advance:)

    6. we can always download somewhere else dude, your link directs me to your website after waiting for your $0.000001 cent to come in to your ninja account and at your website its the same thing WTH!?
      Is it that hard to use a direct link to the source? (there that easy)

      All the version of PeXploit, the latest and older versions, is that very hard to do? NOT COOL dude I've had it with people like you directing us somewhere trying to make $0.000001 out of it (Really!?)

    7. i can not find the dlc file on the pc…Can u help me… can i find the dlc file on pc and extract it……please help me anyone….Give me the solution as soon as possible please…my ps3 system firmware is 4.70 ofw…

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