The film shows re-enactment scenes based on eye-witness accounts of the brutality and atrocities that the enemy inflicted on American and Filipino troops during the Death March and later at Camp O’Donnell and Camp Cabanatuan. The men on Bataan were forgotten by their leaders, in other words, they were expendable. Because of its horror contents, it was rejected by networks in the U.S. and Japan. AVAILABLE NOW ON DVD at Amazon.com, from Director Rainer Loeser.


Video credits to unitedmovietone YouTube channel

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    1. My grandpa escaped the death march im a filipino on his escape he is with a american and his friend and he told me cuz of their thirst they would drink the extract of a carabao poop they would drink that they traveled over week to get back to my grandma and they made more babies and if my grandpa didn't survive this comment isn't here but he died cuz of the disease of malarya

    2. This stupid japs hope they like there medicine of a atomic bomd atleast some filipinos knife them and shoot the if i was in ww2 i would probaly get a big tank and run over some japs…

    3. I hate the Japanese . I mean I know this is war but they shouldn't do that far .all of them should go to hell.seriously they have Asia . now they want more. There so greedy.

    4. and then we had 2 atomic bombs that were well placed and put the japs back in their place … they deserved the atom bomb and they got it . pay back is a mother fucker aint it ?

    5. It wasn't that bad of a walk. If some survived, it must have been doable! Since the Filipinos liked being conquered, they should have carried the poor American soldiers on their backs. There's an overpopulation in those islands anyway and they keep infesting other countries with their annoying Filipino immigrants.

    6. World war resulted in the death of millions of ppl……… It was a war created by some over pride old men who wanted to become world conqueror's…….. In their madness millions of young ppl perished………

    7. I know an old Filipino-American who was a prisoner of the Japs. He is a hero as all the men were. Should have taken LeMay's advice and reduced japan to rubble. More than two A Bombs should have been used, one on Tokyo. The Germans suffered worse after the war. MacArthur coddled the Nip bastards!

    8. My great grandfather was part of the death march. He survived with a scar behind his neck from a bayonet or sword but he managed to survive cause the Japanese liked his cooking.

    9. I am studying so that I will challenge Japan to attack them by surprise I'm anonymous we can control Russia we can destroy japan and kill all innocent people stab them shot them choke rape them too

    10. Whenever I thought of war, the same time I regret of having kids, it might sound bad to others but what only comes into my mind is, I don't want my kids to suffer, or being part of it, if in case that there's a war.

    11. I Really Cry In This Video Because Their Are A Lot Innocent Filipino Died In The PHILIPPINES Because We Don't Have Super Weapon Here In PHILIPPINES And The Filipino Are Not Going To Eat Not Going To Sleep Always Marching

    12. Spanish are the first terrorist arrived in Philippines.. American are second and the Japanese are third..They Invaded Philippines and kills thousands of innocents peoples of Philippines..

    13. I have two great grandfathers from both sides of my family that were part of it. One of them never came back from the march and the other survived but could no longer walk/was paralyzed.

    14. Oh, I'm so proud of the Filipinos!!! (^.*)

      The Japanese raped, tortured and murdered millions of their fellow countrymen, burnt, bombed and pillage their country only a few decades ago. Yet, these Filipinos are now chums and BBF with the murderer of their fathers/mothers/grandfathers/grandmothers. Couldn't blame them right? After all, the Chinese raped, tortured and murdered tens of millions of Filipinos during World War 2 ! ……….oh wait…… 🙂

      Filipinos in 1940s : Please don't rape us!!! Please spare our lives, we beg for mercy!
      Filipinos in 2016: Banzai! Banzai! Banzai!

    15. my grandfather was born 1896 he join in the military at 1937 then at 1941 pearl harbor he survived then the shear march he did not survive the date he died is April 6 1945 while reading the shear camp

    16. grabe naman yang mga hapon na yan. pati yung mga amerikanong tinulungan at pinaunlad kaunti ang pilipinas inabuso at kinawawa nila. baboy talaga ang mga hapon kahit kailan. walang pakundangan. pinapatay nalang nila porket pagod na. sila kaya palakarin ng ganun kahaba.

    17. For example, long ago, the British slaughtered Australian aborigines until they were almost extinct. On the other hand, British immigrants snatched a vast land from American Indians. White people know well their bloody history of invasion, massacre and snatch. In spite of it, cunning, impudent and shameless white people are still pretending to be justice and innocent.
      Who can trust them ??

    18. Who started the war ? I often see this stupid question. The answer is clear, the US. The US had hunt down Japan with various economic blockade and threatening document "Hull Note" in order to let Japan attack the US. Americans still foolishly believe Pearl Harbor attack was a surprise attack. No, Roosevelt already knew well an approach of Japanese attacking troops a few days before. He intentionally missed and allowed them so that the US could willingly declare the war. This is an indisputable fact now. Americans were deceived by their President in fact.

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