Mister isang OFW nagbalikbayan ng naka SUPER HERO costume para sorpresahin ang kanyang mag Ina

Mister isang OFW nagbalikbayan ng naka SUPER HERO costume para sorpresahin ang kanyang mag Ina
“The Flash Ironman’s homecoming surprise.”
Sit back! Relax! Enjoy and cry watching this one of a kind, inspiring and dramatic surprise homecoming!

Extraordinary surprise presents
for Mrs. Regine Gregorio and her son Joseph Reynold Gregorio!
Calapan, Oriental Mindoro
July 22, 2018

A loving, caring and creative husband, Mr. JM Gregorio , based in Germany, contacted ShopBest- my Best Shoppers to help him send surprise presents for his wife and son on the day he will come home to reunite with them after a year of being miles apart. This was a unique surprise delivery because the sender himself was present during that time but his wife and son didn’t know of his presence since he was wearing a superhero costume.

Our recipients received special surprise presents from “The Flash Ironman” filled with his everlasting love for them. First was a dedication cake where they made a wish before blowing the candle. Aside from that, his wife received a gorgeous bouquet of red roses to remind her that she is the most beautiful woman in the world. Then, she got a pair of Victoria’s Secret perfume and lotion along with a new Santa Barbara Polo & Racquet Club wallet with cash inside to attract more blessings for their family. On the other hand, his son got a nice bouquet of decorative balloons together with a new Road Rats crazy stunt toy car that he really loved.

He also wrote them a sweet message as we quote;

“hello mommy at anak ko, pasensya na sa surprise ko, natutuwa kase ako sa inyo ng anak natin kayo ang inspirasyon ko sa pagaaral at pagwowork, salamat at lagi mo naintindi ang anak natin kahit minsan pagod sa trabaho, miss ko na kayo eh wag maglala malapit na bakasyon maya maya anajan na ulet ang daddy, sana matuwa kayo ni totoy kay The Flash Ironman hehehe, Ilove you so much anak ko at mommy and God Bless all of us, thank you”
And for the last part, The Flash Ironman took off his mask and revealed himself to his loved ones which really shocked them, especially his wife who burst out crying.

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Mister isang OFW nagbalikbayan ng naka SUPER HERO costume para sorpresahin ang kanyang mag Ina

Video credits to ShopBest- My Best Shoppers YouTube channel

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    Mister isang OFW nagbalikbayan ng naka SUPER HERO costume para sorpresahin ang kanyang mag Ina

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    1. Watching your videos 😂nakakaumay na . This is no longer a surprise thingy 🤔 kasi everyone knows the cake is a boring the same no mater how old and what can of occasions… please be creative!

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