[How To] Upgrade PS3 Hard Drive For CFW or OFW Consoles

Today’s tutorial shows you how to upgrade your hard drive for modded or non-modded consoles. You want to sync your trophies to PSN before you continue and make sure to make a backup of your ps3 save game files to usb before moving on.

You will need:
1) External hard drive that is equal or larger capacity than the ps3 internal hard drive.
2) New hard drive
3) USB thumb drive formatted as fat32 with the latest firmware update for your console in the PS3/UPDATE/PS3UPDAT.pup file
4) USB cable for your ps3 controller

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[How To] Upgrade PS3 Hard Drive For CFW or OFW Consoles

Video credits to Project Phoenix Media YouTube channel

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    [How To] Upgrade PS3 Hard Drive For CFW or OFW Consoles

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    1. Can we have say a 2tb external hd which I use to put my games on and use that as the internal PS3 drive? Its only because my internal PS3 is full and because I've got so many games dang need more room but I don't have an internal one atm. So should I buy one? Or can I just do what I asked? Its only because my games seem to run off my external HD but when u load some up it says cannot play as I've got no space though theres tons of space on the external HD. Maybe the updates are on the internal HD so I dunno, maybe I should dl the dlc for the game then it might just load the whole lot. I dunno. I probably should just make the internal one bigger anyway but yeh any help/advice is appreciated. CHEERS!

    2. Finally getting around to updating my hdd today. Glad I read the comments. Now I know to get the CFW 4.81 and NOT OFW 4.81. Hypothetically I honestly thought putting the OFW will allow it past the bootloader then the restore process places the CFW back on there.

    3. I have a big problem plz help me with this. The ps3 hard drive is too small so i bought a 1tb hard drive of western digital brand. I go to the "Debug for HDD Exchange Utility" under Debug Settings, and it does the copy and all. Once i switch the hard drives and turn on the ps3 with the new 1tb hard drive, I get a message that says "An error occured during the rebuild operation.the system storage must be formatted. all data on the system will be deleted during formatting. do you want format?"

    4. hey, im trying to upgrade from 320 to 500gb (this hdd i was using it on my xbox 360 before), the thing is i can't pass the first cheking of Firmware in storage device (trying to re-install Ferrox 4.83, also tried with SPY), it just says "No applicable update data was found. Connect storage media that contains update data of version 4.83 or later, then press the START and SELECT at the same time" i double check file md5, PS3/UPDATE/PS3UPDAT.PUP location, 2 different thumbdrives (used both of them to update CFW before from previous revisions), also don't have any disk inserted. When i switch back to my old hdd it detects the cfw in the thumbdrive no problem. Hope you know something. Cheers from Argentina.

    5. im on 4.75 modded ps3 firmeware i wan to replace the hdd but at the same time update it to 4.82 ferrox…. do i update it to ofw 4.82 and then jailbreak it to 4.82 with a cfw ferrox….. or download the cfw update .. replace the hdd and when it asks for the sytem update use the 4.82 ferrox cfw…. thanks

    6. hey, I'm on rebug 4.81.2. i replaced the hdd and formatted it, when i try to update i keep getting the "data is corrupted" error. i am using the exact same file and usb stick i used when i installed rebug

    7. So PS3UPDAT file , does it have to be ofw or can it be cfw since my ps3 is modded , will my ps3 be able to install a clean install of cfw ?

    8. I bought my PS3 with CFW installed so I really have no clue how to re-install it, but would I be able to keep my CFW if i make a full image of my old HDD, write it onto a new HDD and extend the partition to take up the full amount of space? Thanks!

    9. HEY BRO! help out a noob here please!
      Bought a PS3 slim with 4.81 on Cobra 7.4
      Question : How do i upgrade internal HDD!
      i dont care about trophies
      i dont care about save data
      Just want my CFW to transfer over!

    10. Will this remove the jailbreak cause I have a 120 Gb ps3 on cfw and formatted my ofw 320 Gb hard drive and I backup the data from cfw ps3 in USB I put in the 320 Gb hard drive when I turn in how do I get 4.81 dex rebug or will it stay on 4.81 dex rebug

    11. hi phoenix, nice vid..btw i use a rebug hdd backup utiliy, instead the one you have showed in the vid.. the same process but i went on rebug tool..however the new hdd i installed showing wrong information.. from 160gb with 27gb free space i updgraded to 250gb, but the new hdd shows 250gb 27 free space…is this a bug?? do you know how to fix this? thanke

    12. plz help i accidently formatted my ps3 hard drive when trying to clone it on pc. now it wont let me install anything onto hard drive again. i have flashed my ps3 with e3 flasher and every time i try and install firmware again i either get no applicable update data was found or the data is corrupted error. i have the update file in PS3/UPDATE/PS3UPDAT.PUP. plz help me i have a lot of money in this ps3. do i have a brick or something??

    13. So after i replaced the hard drive i just install my original cfw i had which is 4.78 via flash drive will it automatically be on the 4.78cfw jailbroken or will i have to do something else? I am curently jailbroken 4.78 dex

    14. project media, hey thanks  the video. much appreciated. question tho, I originally downloaded rebug 4.75.1 cex and then converted it to dex my kernel and target type. that being said, should I be updating back to 4.75.1 cex or drex? and if the answer is drex, is it fine to use the rebug 4.75.1 drex version on rebugs website? as of right now the only cfw I have on file is rebug 4.75.1 cex.

    15. hey phoenix my ps3 hdd was corrupted so i have formatted it. i just want to know that should i have to install the OFW first then upgrade with CFW or i can directly install the CFW via safe mode? please do reply..thanks.

    16. thanks. Confirmed that this method works for Rebug 4.80.2 REX. I have a slim 120GB upgraded to a HGST (Hitachi) 5K1000 1TB. For the backup utility part, I used a spare 80GB hard drive (deleted some Game Data to fit). I put on the USB Rebug 4.80.2 REX (same as before the upgrade). Confirmed isos and installed apps are transferred. Also confirmed that trophies are NOT transferred.

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