How to Install PS3 Games on OFW 4.81 Super Slim – Beginner Guide

In this video, I will show you how to install PS3 games in super slim OFW 4.81 without Jailbreak no Multiman. In my last video, I share with you many ways to inject PS3 games on OFW even 4.81. But some people are failed to understand. That’s why I published this video for all of you and especially who think they can’t inject PS3 games on OFW 4.81 super slim. PS3 console doesn’t matter because we are manipulating PS3 backup file using TureAncestor backup retailer, PS3 tool collection, PS3 converter bat and PKG viewer.

I am using my PS3 super slim OFW 4.81 and shows you start to finish. You can download any of your favourite game. If you face an error 80010007 or 8001006 or 8001007. Then this error can much reasons such as your game file is corrupted, you didn’t modify LIC file, You don’t have IDPs.bin file.


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How to Install PS3 Games on OFW 4.81 Super Slim - Beginner Guide

Video credits to Smart SK Tech YouTube channel

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    How to Install PS3 Games on OFW 4.81 Super Slim – Beginner Guide

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    1. How did you install game which has like 12 parts of a Game like Tekken 6 ???
      Pls reply I want to install tekken 6 but it has 12 parts could you make s video how to do it with parts ???

    2. hi smart tk tech i face a problem am not knowing where i should install the PexPloit in order to install games i watch all ure videos and i achieve nothing at least respond and help or give a link in order tto install PexPloit olz respond

    3. Dont risk guys ….these (super slim versions) cant mutiman also needs jb…..if also jb we need to install games untill drive gots full & needs formated for new games installation….sounds shit nah…..better try (ps3 slim)…it mutimans..cheers

    4. thank you so much my friend .. that helped me a lot , but there is a problem i followed the video step by step with Catherine the game appeard in my games list but when i try to launch it "an error ecurred during the start operation (80010006)"
      it's the same error u faced with that marvel vs capcom .. what should i do now??

    5. I already have many games on my ps3 n i buy it from shop i mean they install games on my ps3 n i pay them so do.u have any solution bcoz i pay them too much for 9 games i dnt want to lose tht

    6. Iam going to try it if it works i will subscribe and like, and i will tell you all if it works really because i want to do something to my ps3 because iam not using it as much as i use the ps4

    7. Bro i am install god of war 3 using this method all method work good but last method backup restore does not complete i dont know why backup restore error

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