How To Exploit 4.84 OFW PS3 Using Miniweb and HFW 4.84.2 NAND/NOR Flash Writer Tutorial (2019)

Today’s tutorial video I will show you how to exploit your older model PS3 (fat or slim) running 4.84 OFW by using Miniweb and HFW 4.84.2 flash NAND/NOR flash writer tools. As a bonus, at the end of the video I will show you how to convert to DEX.

I chose to do the Miniweb method because running the website thru my PS3 web browser I kept on getting failures, whereas using the Miniweb locally it worked on first try. (profit)

Today’s tutorial I will also show you how to dump your flash memory (NOR or NAND) and check it before proceeding with installing custom 4.84 CFW.

For more help and information, please see the psx-place forum for additional information.


NAND or NOR? Go here:

This is important when you are following the tutorial. I am not held liable if you brick your console due to user error!

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How To Exploit 4.84 OFW PS3 Using Miniweb and HFW 4.84.2 NAND/NOR Flash Writer Tutorial (2019)

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    How To Exploit 4.84 OFW PS3 Using Miniweb and HFW 4.84.2 NAND/NOR Flash Writer Tutorial (2019)

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    1. Thank you very much for this, I was looking to mod an old FAT PS3, but it was on 3.55 OFW. Looking into that I believe i can just install the latest 4.84.2 Ferrox from the USB drive i think. But some of my slims are later than that so this will work perfectly for those. Thank you!

    2. got my ps3 hacked and i was connected to the Internet but today i get an error has occurred you have been signed out of psn 80028e01 and when i go to connect it finds everything but undertesting it says internet failed not sure why. i cant find any awnsers i was going to Do FTP My net works everywhere even on my PS4 But when it comes to the PS3 I cant get backonline and i cant find any awnsers i saw something psn down for matinces among other things i wish i had a awnser or something to help me get it working again.

    3. Well i tried jailbreaking and for some reason when i tried to dump the file on usb it would say successful but when i check on the usb for the dump hex file i dont see it .

    4. OK i got a problem with the python because my computer is a 64 bit but the pythons latest supports 32 bit is there another method i can use so i can get rebug .dex

    5. visit ps3xploit on your ps3, set the specific writer page as your homepage, delete all browser files, close the browser. reopen, ps3 exploit 4.84 exploit writer opens up automaticaly, and your exploit is initilized.

      if you open any page bevor it woun't start, but I had read the instructions on the same page, this is written down big and fat on the writer page bevor klicking init without reading the instructions ^^

      PS3xploit writes down in the instructions, that you have to download the HEX jpg (you don't have to use a usb stick with that, the exploit will serach for the file in the ps3's picture folder. the HDD method is also very good expliant on the HDD method page it self) to HDD or the HEX file to your usb drive and place it in the rightest usb port. than after that, open the writer page and set this as your homepage. Delete all your browser data, close the browser, re open it, the writer opens from its own, becuse you set it as homepage befor, and than your exploit will be loaded correctly. No other Tab is allowed to be open. only the writer page and this also directly at the start of the browser, do not visit any other page befor, because this will place files in the browser cache, but the exploit need every kb in the browser cache for its own.

      I did that on all my 4 PS3 Systems, works at every single ps3 at the first time, you only have to do it right ^^

      Simple as it is.

    6. Finally a proper video. Worked great (using PS3xploit). Miniweb sadly gave me a Google search only so I had to do it online with 10 fails but now I'm on 4.82.2 Rebug DEX 🙂

    7. Hey dude, perfect that this goes up just now.

      I've been trying to hack my friends ps3 for him, but the rebug file doesn't have the correct md5, it always turns out wrong.

      Would you possibly have a copy of the rebug 4.84.1 pup update file you could upload?

      Thanks in advaned and hope you can help.

      Edit: Also, I'd like to ask, what benefits does converting to a DEX have over CEX? If I convert to DEX, can my friend continue to use PSN actively?

    8. To all potential HFW 4.84.2 or later users, the miniweb method worked great for me. If you want to go to the website thru your ps3 web browser, you can certainly do so. Do not be surprised if it takes many tries before it exploits correctly. If you are at your wits end, give miniweb method a try like I did (worked first try).

      Please see the video description for more details, and please make sure you have a compatible PS3 for this flash writer method!

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